Why We Partnered With Operation Happy Nurse

Nurses are often referred to as the backbone of the healthcare community, even more so since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Because of the added stress experienced by nurses over the last two years (and now with regional staffing shortages), we’ve been on a mission to find a meaningful way to provide support to our travel nurses. In our search, we heard from  Operation Happy Nurse, an amazing non-profit that’s created a nurse community completely “focused on improving the overall mental health and physical wellbeing” of nurses everywhere. By partnering with this incredible non-profit, we’re able to ensure our nurses have a space where they can get real-world advice and expert driven help with a myriad of stress- related issues, free of charge. Here’s a few reasons why we’re proud to partner with Operation Happy Nurse:

Founded by nurses, for nurses 

Operation Happy Nurse was created in 2019 by Shannon McPeek, a neonatal ICU nurse, during her 5th year in the healthcare field. When Shannon first started working as a registered nurse, she suffered from severe work-related anxiety. Being a new nurse is nerve-wracking and stressful enough, but when you’re dealing with mental health issues on top of that, you can feel truly alone and maybe even helpless. Shannon felt isolated and like no one else understood what she was going through, but that was so far from the truth! Many of her coworkers and friends from school were struggling with similar anxiety and mental health issues. Those factors lead to her launching the amazing non-profit community, Operation Happy Nurse, that’s designed to “help the nursing profession battle work-related stress, anxiety, and depression together.” Shannon and her team’s efforts have impacted the lives of hundreds of nurses, and she continues to grow the support system every day to ensure they are happy and healthy.   4 young smiling travel nurses

There’s something for everyone 

When looking into resources that would benefit Jackson travel nurses, we were excited to find there’s truly something for everyone at Operation Happy Nurse! Your well-being is their top priority, so you can feel comfortable talking about your struggles because all members of the community are verified nurses. Everything that OHN offers won’t cost you a thing, which is a big reason we were drawn to this non-profit. By partnering with Operation Happy Nurse, we’re able to help ensure this amazing community remains free to use. Some of their offerings include a monthly book club, nutritional support, stress management podcasts, discussion boards, fitness, yoga, and meditation regiments, giveaways and discounts, hotlines for those needing immediate help, and so much more! If you want access to all of those awesome resources, you’ll have to sign up for their community. You can also look forward to monthly JNP x OHN newsletters, that offer our travel nurses resources that are free to use even if you’re not a registered member. 

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