What is Travel Nursing?

Why Travel Nurses Travel…

Imagine a nursing career that allows you to call the shots:

  • Higher compensation that you deserve
  • You decide when and where you work
  • You accept assignments that let you do what you love
  • You gain financial success, flexibility, and freedom

It’s all possible with a career as a traveling nurse with Jackson Nurse Professionals! As the nation’s most trusted staffing agency, JNP has hundreds of nurses on assignment every week. We partner with some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals.

Talk to us. We’d love to seek to understand your career goals and preferences. We’ll answer your questions to help you decide whether or not Travel Nursing is the right fit for you now, or in the future.

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How it works

Travel nursing is financially rewarding, but aspects of it can be a hassle and we’re here to take care of all the details. We’ll seek to understand your career goals and preferences. We’ll work to find the assignments that align and provide you with options. We’ll keep you informed, and we’ll have your back.

Because it’s what you deserve.

Traveling with JNP is as easy as 1-2-3.

Hear from our travel nurses…

The ability to always have access to my initial/original recruiter. They have made my journey seamless and whenever I need something they always respond. Great feeling knowing your recruiter has your back.

— Nigelle, RN, 2024

JNP was my very first travel assignment. My recruiter was wonderful at helping me make the transition. It was a wonderful experience.

— Sherry, RN, 2024

My recruiter was amazing and quick to respond. The on-board process was easy. Pay on time every week.

— Renata, RN, 2024

My recruiter is excellent. She works to get me the type of position I ask for and she follows up often to make sure I’m okay once I get started with an assignment.

— Susan S, RN, 2024

My recruiter is a gem to work with! She has made every experience go smoothly.

— Sully, RN, 2024

The best agency referral program out there! Extra dollars continually earned and an agency I actually want to refer my friends to!

— Lisa, RN, 2024

I earned an extra $750 in June as part of JNP's referral program!

— Lindsey, RN, 2023

Such an easy referral process! I downloaded JNP Pulse and referred friends right from there – haven't looked back!

— Kayla, RN, 2024

My experience with JNP has been nothing but positive. It is always easy to get a quick response from my recruiter on any issue I have had while working.

— Harper, RN, 2024

Everything was made easy, all questions answered, and I felt that the entire team helped me with any issue that came up.

— Gregory, RN, 2024

Excellent recruiters who are friendly and truthful. I learned from them by listening to a phone conversation one recruiter was having with a nurse I was working with. I liked the qualities before speaking with her!

— Daniel, RN, 2024

I have had an amazing experience working for JNP. I have been able to get contracts in my locations of interest. Each contract has been even better than expected. More importantly than the actual contract, it's so nice to work for a recruiter who has the best work ethic and is always there to help.

— Briley, RN, 2024

This was my first travel assignment, and I was never left feeling unsure about anything. My recruiter was very present during my time with Jackson Nursing and I will continue to refer other nurses. My experience was better than I could have hoped for and my recruiter was a big reason for that!

— Boni, RN, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you have contracts?

We staff nationwide! From Alaska to Maine in hospitals, home health, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care hospitals.

How long are contracts?

Most contracts are 3 months in lengths; 13 weeks tends to be the standard but there is potential for shorter or longer contracts depending on the client’s need.

What if I only have one license but want to go out of state?

You will need to apply by endorsement for any state’s license that you do not have. Most facilities will require that state’s license to be active prior to the submittal. Your recruiter will be able to help you with this process should you have any questions.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely! You may have to pay an extra fee depending on your housing but that’s a small price to pay to have your fur-child with you on assignment.

What do I do if the facility sends me home early?

If the facility is sending you home early please make sure to specify on your timesheet and try to make up the time if the hospital has the need. Please communicate with your recruiter too!

What if I need to call in?

Contact the hospital first as soon as possible and then let your recruiter know. If you are able to make up the time that week or at some point during the contract, that would be ideal.

How do I elect benefits?

The first week of your contract you will receive a benefits packet with enrollment instructions from our benefits department. For any questions, our benefits team can be reached at benefits@jacksonnursing.com.

What type of travel nurse gets paid the most?

The pay for travel nurses varies depending on a variety of factors: location, healthcare setting, specialty, etc. Nurses specializing in the critical care sector, like PICU, CVOR and CVICU, may see higher rates due to the nature and condition of their patients.

What are some of the most important qualities for a travel nurse?

The skills needed to be a successful first-time travel nurse aren’t all that different from staff nursing. You need to be responsible, trustworthy, good with people, persistent and resilient. In addition to those qualities, most travel nurses have excellent clinical and soft skills. Those combined with a desire to travel, an adaptable nature, and penchant for trying new things is the perfect recipe!

If I like a placement, can I stay?

The usual length of a travel nursing contract is 3 months. Contract extensions happen but are not guaranteed. The length of your contract is dependent on hospital needs, which vary according to season, outside factors and internal operations. But if you’re loving the city you’re in, chances are we’ll have another travel nurse placement for you close by!

What are the specific requirements?

Our facilities will be looking for at least one full year of recent experience in the specialty you’d like to travel in!

How far in advance should I apply for a travel nursing assignment?

You can apply as far out as you’d like! There’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding the best time to apply. We have worked with nurses who apply and take a year to decide to accept their first assignment and we have others who apply and are out the door and on their way a few weeks or even days later. If you know you are ready to travel, or will be soon, we recommend you fill out our application so that you are prepared to seize the right opportunity. If you decide to apply well in advance of when you’d like to travel, we’ll keep your information on file and stay in touch until you’re ready.

What specialties have the most travel nurse jobs available?

While ER, OR, ICU, med surg, telemetry and labor & delivery tend to have the most jobs available consistently, demand does fluctuate. We have strong relationships with hospitals throughout the country, so we’re able to offer open RN jobs across all specialties. If you’d like to see what we currently have available, search all our open jobs

How will JNP support me if something goes wrong while travel nursing?

Our recruitment team is available 24/7; whether by directly contacting your recruiter or reaching out to our afterhours line, someone from our team is always available to assist you while on assignment!

How much orientation will I receive?

Orientation depends on the facility! Some will have orientation modules to complete prior to starting while others may have you attend classroom style orientation your first week. Typically, travel nurses are expected to be oriented and taking their own assignments by week 2.

Do travel nurses get benefits?

Yes, we offer full benefits that start day one!

Can I travel with family, a significant other, or friend?

Absolutely! Many of our travel nurses make it work and never look back! Even if your travel partner or significant other isn’t a nurse, it’s very possible to figure out a way to travel together!

How do I view my paystubs and tax documents?

The ADP account that you set up with Jackson Nurse Professionals gives you access to your paystubs and W-2s.

How do I change my name, primary address, or W4 elections?

The ADP account that you set up with Jackson Nurse Professionals gives you access to edit these items.