Why travel nursing is perfect for empty nesters

Becoming an empty nester can be an emotional time, but it also revives the opportunity to get out and explore, pursue beloved hobbies and take on new challenges that you’ve been dying to accomplish for years. Travel nursing, for example, is a great way to cope with your kids going off to school or starting new careers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 15 percent growth rate in job outlook for registered nurses from 2016 to 2026, which means there will be a demand for more travel nurses.

Still not convinced? Here’s why we think travel nursing is the perfect next step for empty nesters:

Your age is just a number

If you’re sitting at home wondering why you never took advantage of the opportunity to travel as a nurse as a young adult, it’s not too late! According to a study by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc., results show that the average age of a nurse is 51. As demand for travel nursing continues to grow, there’s no reason for hospitals and other facilities to decline your request for work.

You’ll love the flexibility

Travel nursing means pursuing various opportunities at your own pace. If you only want to take on a position in one new destination over the course of a year, you can! If you’d rather seek as many jobs as you can in the same time frame, that’s also an option. Flexibility gives you the freedom to work as you please, and as an empty nester, this lack of consistency can be beneficial to your new desire to travel and explore. Especially if your kids or your extended family are spread across the U.S. Travel nursing gives you the ability to take assignments all around the U.S. and spend quality time with the people that matter to you most.

man and woman mountain biking

Your partner can travel with you

Pursuing this new venture doesn’t mean you have to leave your significant other behind! Or even your best friend. If they’re an empty nester like you, they just might be ready for adventure, too. So, why not explore a new city together? Your partner can also travel nurse, pursue freelancing jobs, or simply enjoy being your ally along your new and exciting career path.

You’ve got the experience to get the best jobs

Hospitals and other health care facilities across the country are in search of experienced nurses who are willing to work short assignments. Your experience in the field of nursing will make you more attractive to recruiters and future employers, so why not go for it?

Remember: Travel nursing isn’t only for recent graduates. It’s also for those who have spent the last few decades raising a family and never had the opportunity to travel the country and pursue floating nursing opportunities. This month, set aside some time to do your research and discover some of the hidden wonders from coast to coast, Who knows, maybe you’ll find a few destinations that spark your interest that could end up being your temporary home in the near future!

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