Travel Nurse Rewards Club

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Earn $500 for completing 1000 hours

Earn $1000 for completing 1500 hours

How it works

We’re immensely grateful for your hard work and commitment to patients. That’s why we’ve launched the Insider Rewards Club – a program designed to thank our nurses for their tireless efforts and dedication.

We believe that happy nurses translate into happy patients, and we’re thrilled to show you just how much we value you and give you a rewards payout you deserve.

Earning reward payouts with JNP is as easy as 1-2-3.

There’s more…

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Win a trip worth $5,000!

Earn 1500 hours with us and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a trip worth $5,000!

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Mid-Year Incentive

Joining us late in the year? No problem! With our mid-year incentive you can earn $400 for 750 hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up to be in the Insider Rewards Club?

No! You are automatically entered into our club as soon as you start working hours with us!

What timeframe do I have to earn hours?

The calendar year from January 1 – December 31. Nurses on contract through to the new year will have their hours start from January 1st.

Can I take time off between contracts or does it have to be back-to-back contracts?

Yes, you can definitely take time off. We know that’s important to recharge and take care of yourself! If you take time off and then start another contract when you’re ready your hours will continue to build towards payouts!

How would I get my payout once I achieve the hours?

Our accounting team will be tracking worked hours and will be sending payouts after each month. Please allow a buffering time to process the payout.

How do I track my hours?

Please reach out to your recruiter for an update at any point. We will also be sending out frequent communications about how many hours you have and how many more you need for a given payout.

Do on-call or guaranteed hours count?

Only regular hours physically worked will be counted towards your total. OT hours do not count too.

Do overtime hours count towards the total?

Overtime hours do not count towards your hours towards the Insider Rewards Club

What if I start with JNP later in the year?

We have a mid-year incentive from July 1 – December 31 whereby you can earn $400 for 750 hours!