Why travel nursing can be good for a relationship

long distance travel nurse relationship


When considering a travel nursing position, many nurses have to decide whether to bring their significant other with them on assignment. It can be thrilling to have your spouse or partner with you and help you sightsee in your off hours. However, like a growing trend among Millenials, you can also choose to travel or live separately and watch your relationship thrive as a result. Here’s why travel nursing just might be the best thing to happen to your relationship:

You can pay down debt quicker

Being burdened by debt is stressful for any relationship. According to Time Magazine, the average married couple carries at least $4700 in credit card debt.

Add in student debt and that number can skyrocket to $60,000 for a married couple. Travel nurses stand to earn bonuses for taking assignments around the country – and with housing paid for by their staffing agency, it gives them an opportunity to save more money and pay down their debt. Blogger and travel nurse Alex was able to put nearly $1500 each month towards her debt, paying it down by $17,000 over one year. And if you’re looking to make a bigger purchase, like a down payment on a house, the boost in your salary can help you reach that goal.

You learn how to talk

When having a tough conversation with your spouse or partner in person, body language is its own form of communication. However, when you’re long distance, you have to be able to articulate what you’re feeling without relying on touch. It can be tough – especially when all you really want is a hug after a day of internal politics at your hospital – but it’s just as important to be able to take that feeling and turn it into words. The Huffington Post cites several studies that show that long-distance couples have more emotionally meaningful conversations than their counterparts who see their partners daily.

travel nurse me time

You can schedule ‘me time’

A nurse’s schedule can get hectic: You will come off an overnight and not have two days off in a row – which can make it more stressful to spend time with your significant other when you’re in the same city. However, if you’re traveling, you’ll have to put more time toward planning when you’ll see your partner. Which means when you come home from a shift, you can take advantage of the solitude as you focus on completing a degree or writing your first book. Me time doesn’t have to just be you, though: You can also take up a hobby in your new city, join a volunteering organization or get to know the other nurses on your floor.

Your anxiety levels will be lower

Living with a significant other can sometimes be stress-inducing. And we all have noticed how we adopt the habits of those closest to us as well, including diet and exercise. Today cited research that showed partners in long-distance marriages receive health-related benefits, include maintaining a healthier diet and exercising more. Both of these changes – along with not having to share the blankets – contribute to lower anxiety levels.

Long-distance relationships can put the stress on any couple – not to mention when one of the participants works overnight shifts for 12 hours at a time. However, travel nurses may want to consider taking an assignment solo. These short-term sacrifices can help you build up your savings and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

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