Who to Trust For the Best Travel Nurse Agency Reviews

Time is money, so no one wants to waste their time working with agencies that don’t care about their nurses. There are over 300 travel nurse staffing agencies across the country, finding the best fit for you can feel overwhelming. When it comes to checking reviews online, not every website is reliable. Many websites ask staff nurses what they’ve heard about agencies, even if they’ve never worked for that agency, some websites focus only on asking nurses with positive experiences to leave a review, and some are actually owned and operated by travel nurse staffing agencies. Here are a few websites you can trust with travel nurse agency reviews, and why: 

Clearly Rated 

Clearlyrated is a bit different from conventional review websites. They do offer standard 5-start ratings along with testimonials, but they gather these ratings through a survey sent only to a company’s clients, placed talent, and employees. They use these ratings and testimonials, along with relevant industry benchmarks and standards, to give out their Client Service Awards. The Best of Staffing Award recognizes staffing firms that demonstrate exceptional service quality in the industry. Every year there’s a brand-new Best Travel Nursing Healthcare Staffing Agencies list published, so you can stay up to date on the best companies to work with. You can enjoy an added layer of trust while vetting travel nurse agencies on Clearlyrated, but keep in mind you’re only reading positive reviews!  


Not only is Glassdoor well known for being transparent about pay, but it also offers a wide range of information from benefits breakdowns to interview questions you may get asked. Glassdoor is home to over 40 million reviews, offering the most in-depth and insightful perspectives from employees, as well as a comprehensive look into the company. If you’re new to travel nursing, you can even search for agencies in the industry and get and quick glance at their rating, company size, location, and more. Glassdoor doesn’t verify employment when leaving a review, so we recommend comparing a company’s ratings on other sites as well!  

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Gypsy Nurse 

Gypsy Nurse isn’t just a company review website, they offer a community for travel nurses to get and give advice, as well as a place to leave reviews for both agencies and hospitals. We trust this review section because not just anyone can hop on their website and submit a review, you must be a member of the Gypsy Nurse Community. This community is also dedicated to nurses only, you don’t have to worry about agencies or recruiters being in the group. With over 160,000 nurses in their exclusive Facebook Group, you’ll find a variety of viewpoints and advice on the different travel nursing agencies.  

Highway Hypodermics 

Highway Hypodermics was founded in 2003, making it the longest running website dedicated to travelers in healthcare, and is run by seasoned nurse, Kay Slane. Highway Hypodermics’ mission is “to bridge the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse companies” through education. When submitting a review of a travel nurse agency, nurses are asked 20 different yes or no (or N/A) questions in order to get an in-depth look at how they compare to other agencies. They take the results from these evaluations and create agency profiles. These profiles show what percentage of nurses answered “Yes” on the questionnaire, as well as a total ranking score at the bottom. You can easily find the answers to common questions like does the company offer direct deposit, adequate housing options, benefits, and more while also getting a look at how that agency stacks up to competitors.  

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