What is life like for travel nurse couples?



Travel nursing is all about the love of the open road and the adventure of visiting new places across the country. The only way it could be better is if you could experience everything with the love of your life. Taking on travel nursing contracts doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. In fact, many nurse couples are already taking advantage of this lifestyle to have  adventures while saving money and furthering their careers. Keep reading to learn what life is like for these couples on the road:

You always have someone to share adventures with

Travel nursing can certainly be rewarding for solo travelers. However, couples that travel together will always have someone to share the experiences with.

Not only do couples get to see and do amazing things together in their downtime, but also they can support each other when things get stressful at work. Plus, it’s hard to get homesick when your family travels with you!

You and your partner can multitask

During the early stages of a new contract, life can get a little hectic. Travel nurses have to adjust to their new surroundings and work environment, plus they may have to research for places to live. Kelli Leach, writing for Travel Nursing, noted that she was able to handle much of the paperwork while her husband was at work. This kind of teamwork makes life on the road much easier. Transitions to new cities get smoother with experience, and couples that can work in tandem will get settled in much more quickly.


You get better housing opportunities

Many travel nursing contracts provide a stipend for housing (within IRS guidelines). With two travel nurses, this can mean you’ll have more money to spend on lodging, which could translate to more amenities and a better location. In the alternative, you’ll have opportunity to take assignments where rent is lower on average and you can spend more on fun activities or save for retirement. Some couples may even choose to live out of an RV, thereby saving even more money from contract-to-contract. And with an RV, you get to bring more of your things with you to each new contract!

You will strengthen your relationship

For travel nurses, there are very few dull moments in life. Both work and play are exciting – and if life starts to get too mundane, you can always accept a new contract in a fun new location. Couples that travel together strengthen their relationship by working to solve problems, accomplish goals, and then relax in each other’s company. Modern Medicine Network noted that some couples even take a few weeks of vacation between every contract so they can have even more adventures and fun together. Couples can also take turns deciding where to go next, so everyone gets to experience the places they’ve been dreaming about.

Travel nursing is an exciting opportunity, and it’s so much better when experienced with the one you love.

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