Traveling with Family as a Travel Nurse: Tips and Insights

The lifestyle of a travel nurse offers a unique blend of professional development and adventure, making it an enticing career choice for many. But what happens when you add family into the mix? Traveling with your family while working as a nurse on temporary assignments can sound daunting, yet it’s entirely possible and can be an enrichingly unique experience for everyone involved. Here’s a guide on how travel nurses can successfully embark on assignments without leaving their loved ones behind.

1. Choose Family-Friendly Assignments

When selecting assignments, consider locations that offer family-friendly amenities and activities. Look for cities with good schools, parks, recreational activities, and safe neighborhoods. Research the cost of living and availability of housing suitable for families. Some travel nursing agencies can provide assistance in finding family-friendly housing options.


travel nursing with family

2. Plan Housing Arrangements in Advance

Finding suitable housing is one of the most important aspects of traveling with a family. Look for accommodations that offer enough space and amenities for your family’s needs. Consider furnished apartments, rental homes, or extended stay hotels that provide kitchen facilities. Some travel nursing agencies offer housing stipends, which can be used to secure family-friendly housing.

3. Research Schooling Options

If you have school-aged children, research the local education system in advance. Consider the quality of schools in the area, and explore options such as public schools, private schools, or homeschooling. Some states have online public schooling programs that allow children to continue their education seamlessly while traveling.

4. Coordinate Schedules and Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and family time is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Coordinate your work schedule with your family’s needs and activities. Communicate with your employer about your availability and any family commitments. Many travel nursing positions offer flexible schedules, which can be beneficial for family time.

5. Plan Family Activities and Explore Together

Take advantage of your travel assignments to explore new places and create memorable experiences with your family. Plan weekend trips, visit local attractions, and engage in family-friendly activities. Use your time off to bond with your family and make the most of your travel experiences.

6. Build a Support Network

Having a support network is essential when traveling with a family. Connect with other travel nurses and their families, join local parenting groups, and utilize online forums and social media to build connections. A strong support network can provide valuable advice, companionship, and assistance when needed.

7. Prepare for Healthcare Needs

Ensure that your family’s healthcare needs are covered while traveling. Research local healthcare facilities, find a primary care provider, and keep a list of emergency contacts. Travel nursing agencies often provide comprehensive health insurance plans, so review your coverage and make any necessary arrangements.

8. Stay Organized and Flexible

Traveling with a family requires careful planning and organization. Keep track of important documents, school records, medical information, and travel itineraries. Be prepared to adapt to unexpected changes and remain flexible to accommodate your family’s needs.

9. Communicate Openly

Open communication with your family is key to a successful travel nursing experience. Discuss your plans, expectations, and any concerns with your partner and children. Involve them in the decision-making process and make sure everyone feels heard and included.

Traveling with a family as a travel nurse can be a rewarding experience that allows you to grow both professionally and personally. By planning ahead, staying organized, and maintaining open communication, you can create a positive and enriching experience for your entire family. Embrace the adventure, explore new horizons together, and make lasting memories along the way.

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