Traveling in twos: How to save money when traveling with another nurse

Make memories when traveling with another nurse.


Travel nursing is a great way to save money because not only can you earn more than staff nurses on average, but agencies often provide a stipend for housing (within IRS guidelines). When you travel with another nurse, your potential for saving money increases even more. Splitting the costs associated with travel can mean more money in your pocket at the end of each contract. Keep reading to learn how you and another nurse can save money when traveling as a pair:

1. Split the cost of gas

Many travel nurses like to hit the open road as they go from one contract to the next. In some parts of the country, paying for gas can be quite expensive. But when you team up with a friend, the two of you can save money by splitting the fuel costs. There are a few ways to do this – you could create a gasoline budget that both of you agree to at the start of the trip or you could alternate at each fuel stop. If your friend participates in a fuel rewards program through a credit card, you can simply give cash to him or her each time to take advantage of those benefits.

2. Split the cost of rent

Many staffing agencies provide traveling nurses a stipend for housing (according to IRS guidelines). When you share an apartment or rental home with another nurse, you may have an opportunity to live in luxury or, in the alternative, save money by accepting assignments in areas with lower rent on average. It’s important to talk with your friend as you find a place to stay, so you can both live somewhere that benefits your interests. You might have to compromise between finding an apartment that’s close to work and one’s that’s closer to other activities. Always be open about where you’d like to live so that you don’t have to face an awkward situation down the road.

travel nurse buddies

3. Save on emotional costs

Travel can really tire you out, both physically and emotionally. On the road, driving for long hours can cause you to feel exhausted – but when you have a companion, you can share the load. Taking turns driving for a few hours each can give you time to recharge and not feel so stressed out. The same goes for settling into your new surroundings. Finding an apartment can be a hassle, but it’s easier when you have a buddy to help out with the research. And what about the first day on the job? Meeting new people, trying to remember faces and names – talk about stressful! However, when you have someone to share these experiences with, you’ll feel less alone and more supported emotionally.

4. Gain referral bonuses

Several agencies offer referral bonuses, so you may even be able to get bonuses for referring your friends to your own agency and to others! That’s extra cash for you, without doing any work. While it’s not a guaranteed source of income, it’s nice to get a little something extra every now and again.

Travel nursing doesn’t have to be lonely. Grab a friend and hit the road!

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