The Ultimate Summer Guide for the Adventurous Travel Nurse

Ah, summer! The season when the sun shines relentlessly, and travel nurses, like yourself, roam from city to city with stethoscope in hand. Amid the 12-hour shifts and new hospital mazes, there lies the elusive concept of “downtime”. Yes, those rare moments when scrubs turn into swimsuits and patient charts into city maps. So, buckle up and let’s embark on this fun-packed guide to maximizing those elusive summer moments, one city at a time.

Beaches: Your Post-Shift Recovery Zone

Let’s start with the obvious. If your travel assignments take you anywhere near the coast, congratulations! You’ve hit the nurse’s jackpot. Picture this: after a long shift of playing human Tetris with patient beds, nothing screams relaxation more than lying on the sand, pretending to be a starfish. So, don your best sunglasses (the bigger, the better to cover those sleep-deprived eyes), and let the sound of the waves heal you. Pro tip: always keep a beach kit in your car. You never know when the call of the sea might hit right after a shift!


woman hiking near water

Hiking: Because You Haven’t Walked Enough Already

For those who find themselves in the heart of nature, hiking is the perfect way to unwind. I mean, after clocking in those steps in the hospital corridors, what’s a hill or two? Consider it endurance training. The upside? The view from the top, undoubtedly Instagram-worthy, will make your friends back home wonder if you’re really working or secretly on a summer sabbatical. And if they ask about your fitness secret, just wink and say, It’s the travel nurse lifestyle, baby.

Food Tours: The Stomach Always Knows Best

Whether you’re in the deep south, tasting soul food that makes you question everything you’ve eaten before, or in the bustling streets of a metropolitan city where food carts reign supreme, embark on a culinary journey. Remember, calories consumed in a new city don’t count. It’s practically a scientific fact (or so we’d like to believe). Besides, how else will you keep your energy up for those long shifts?

Local Festivals: Because Nurses Know How to Party

Summertime is festival season, and being a travel nurse may mean you could be eligible to get a backstage pass to all the local festivities. From music festivals that make your heart sing to quirky, small-town celebrations that leave you bewildered and amused, immerse yourself. Just remember to schedule your shifts accordingly; nothing’s worse than working a 12-hour shift with a festival hangover.

Cultural Immersion: Turn Tourist Traps into Treasures

Lastly, let’s not forget the power of simply wandering the streets of your temporary home. Museums, historical landmarks, or even a movie in the park – the options are endless. Consider it a treasure hunt, with each city offering unique gems. Who knows? You might stumble upon a jazz band playing in a tucked-away bar, creating a memory that’ll stick long after your assignment ends.

So there you have it, travel nurses. Embrace the chaos, laugh at the unpredictability, and most importantly, carve out moments of joy amidst the hustle. After all, you’re not just nursing your way through different cities; you’re collecting stories, one summer at a time. Cheers to your next adventure, may it be as sunny and light-hearted as this guide!

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