Navigating Health Insurance as A Travel Nurse

As a nurse, you know the importance of having health insurance, but things can be complicated when trying to find coverage while constantly traveling for work. Though most travel nurse agencies will offer health insurance coverage as part of their benefits package, it’s still important to understand all your options before signing off on your final decision. From private plans to agency provided options, here is everything you need to consider about health insurance and travel nursing: 

Health insurance plans for travel nurses

Private Health Insurance

Travel nurses may opt for private insurance if an agency’s offerings don’t appeal to them, or they plan on switching between agencies often. Finding a personal insurance provider might prove to be a more expensive option, but you’re more likely to find a plan that suits your needs and unique situation. There are three distinct private health insurance options for travel nurses outlined by Wanderly: 

  1. PPO: This health insurance plan gives you an entire network of preferred health care providers, and depending on your individual plan, can cover a significant portion of your bills. 
  2. HMO: A Health Maintenance Organization allows you to pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP) whose referral you’ll need to receive care within the network. 
  3. POS: Point of Service combines a PPO and HMO, you receive a referral from a PCP, but the out-of-network providers are more accessible. 

Agency Health Benefits

Most agencies will offer health insurance as part of their benefits package. This is a great option for nurses who prefer to remain with one agency, but like for any health insurance plan, there are some questions to ask before signing off. recommends evaluating an agency’s health insurance offerings by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • How long is the wait period before coverage begins? Some can be a month or so which means you wouldn’t be covered until far into your assignment. 
  • What is covered and what is not covered? 
  • Does coverage continue if you stay with the agency? 
  • How long does coverage last between assignments? 
  • Can you add a spouse or dependents and how much would that cost? 

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Healthcare benefits with Jackson Nurse Professionals

When working with Jackson Nurse Professionals, you will have access to a growing list of amazing perks and benefits that will start on day-one listed in your contract. The benefits package is made to support your health and make your life easier. 

If you work a minimum of 30 hours a week, you’re eligible to enroll in our Cigna nationwide medical coverage. When enrolled in this plan, Jackson covers the majority of your premium and prescription coverage. 

Choosing your health insurance plan as a travel nurse can feel overwhelming at first. Take the time to consider all of the options above and what you and your family need. If you have any questions about Jackson Nurse Professionals health insurance, you can reach out to a benefits specialist today!

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