Being Away From Family while You Travel Nurse Around Christmas

Being able to work in the career you love while also traveling is a great opportunity, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. When you’re on assignment around the holidays, the desire to be surrounded by family can be overwhelming. Even though technology has helped bridge the communication gap, nothing can really replace the feeling of being home around Christmas. As a travel nurse, you know that being away from family is part of the job. To stay motivated during this time of year when it’s easy to begin missing home, try some of our methods of coping with being away for the holidays. 

Create a scrapbook

So much of Christmastime is sensational; the vibrant colors, enticing smells of holiday cooking and the cozy feeling of a new pair of fuzzy socks. A major part of homesickness is the realization that you’re not sharing these moments with family, but that shouldn’t stop you from partaking in the holiday spirit. Celebrate with a purpose and scrapbook your holiday along the way. Take lots of pictures, save any new recipes and take some clippings of your tree are a few things Scrapbooking Coach recommends  including in your memory book. When you return home, you can share this scrapbook with your family and relive these moments together. Better yet, have your family do the same so you can swap holiday stories. 

young African-American woman creating a scrapbook

Send your gifts in pieces

Finding your loved ones the perfect Christmas gift is exciting on its own, but not being there to give it in person and see their reaction can be disappointing. Spread the holiday cheer over multiple installments and make your gifting a game when you’re away from family! This could be as silly as finding a pajama set and sending it by snail mail piece by piece, or as intricate as creating your own puzzle out of photos like Travel & Leisure recommends. You will have fun sending these gifts and your family will no doubt have a blast receiving them – though they may be a little confused at first! This is a great way to feel connected to family while having some fun and challenging yourself to be creative. 

Share your traditions with other travel nurses

Just because you’re away from family doesn’t mean you can’t partake in your usual Christmas traditions. Others may recommend creating a new tradition when you’re traveling, but don’t be afraid to share your favorite tradition with others and invite them to do the same! Is there a special family recipe or Christmas craft that your family usually does? Don’t be afraid to do it by yourself or invite new friends to join you. Enjoy your fresh batch of Christmas cookies and share the extras with your neighbors or donate your treats to a food bank. Share your favorite traditions from your childhood with your travel nurse coworkers, so you can spend time with those in the same position as you and experience fun new traditions. 

No one can deny that being away from your family during the holidays is hard, but being able to cope will help you have the best experience as a travel nurse. The need for travel nurses during the winter months is significant, check out some of our openings. 

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