How to Be a Bookworm While On the Road

When you’re moving every 13 weeks as a travel nurse, you already know that you have to make some sacrifices while packing. If you’re like one of the many booklovers who just won’t switch to e-readers, picking the books you want to bring can be difficult, not to mention cumbersome to pack or carry. A free and easy way to be a bookworm while on the road is by using local Little Free Libraries! These birdhouse-like structures you see in neighborhoods across the country function as a neighborhood book exchange where you can take a book and leave a book, or simply return it when you’re finished. These libraries help you keep your To Be Read list rotating for free, meet your neighbors, and get some exercise in!  

Say “Hey!” to your neighbors 

One of the surprising benefits of Little Free Libraries is the chance to meet folks in your local neighborhood! Once the structures are up and running, many Little Free Library owners AKA Stewards have seen neighbors visiting on the very first day. Stewards are frequently checking on the titles in their libraries or doing maintenance, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation and get to know your neighbor while stopping by to grab or replace a book. Not only that, but others walking down the street or driving by often stop to find out what that “little bird house like structure” is, so this is an easy way to meet members of your community.  

Get those steps in

With over 150,000 registered free libraries across the world, you’re bound to find one close to your house or job! Little Free Library even has their own app that shows you libraries in your area, the address they’re located at, and a photo of the structure you’re looking for. This makes it super easy for you to choose a couple of close by libraries, and the app will create a route for you. Get new books that pique your interest while also hitting your step goal for the day!  

woman taking book of shelf

Keep your TBR rotating for free 

No matter what genre is your favorite to read, visiting free little libraries is an easy way to keep your “To Be Read” list constantly rotating without having to haul a ton of books every time you move! You can find books you’ve never even heard of or books you’ve been dreaming of reading in Free Little Libraries across the country. This is also a great way to expand the type of books you typically read! If you limit yourself to only reading the 10-15 books currently available in the libraries you visit, compiled from a diverse group of people, you’re going to end up expanding your literary world in a way not possible before.  

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