Here’s a valuable (and free) one hour webinar for you: “Needle Fear Friendly”

Nurses, Phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals interested in becoming “Needle-Fear Friendly” canbigstock--152982653 (3) (1) learn from the industry’s leading authority on needle pain in December. Pain Researcher and Pediatrician Dr. Amy Baxter and MMJ Labs are hosting a free one hour webinar titled Needle Fear Friendly on December 1st.

Following the webinar is an optional online test, that, if passed, earns the participant designation as a “Certified Needle Fear Friendly.”

In the past two decades needle fear has increased 252 percent. Because fainting and vasovagal symptoms increase with fear, Dr. Baxter will discuss research-proven ways to identify those prone to this response, and decrease its frequency. She will also explore new strategies to reduce needle pain, including pharmacological, physiologic, and psychological approaches.

After this lecture, participants will be able to:

  • explain current theories on why needle fear is increasing;
  • demonstrate at least two ways to decrease vasovagal symptoms;
  • demonstrate three ways to decrease pain;
  • explain the Pain-Fear-Focus approach for pediatric patients;
  • be familiar with topical anesthetic and Buzzy best practices.

To reserve your spot for the event, email:

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