Dear Family, here’s why I’m a Travel Nurse

Every travel nurse knows the feeling. When sitting with family at a summer barbecue or around the dinner table with relatives, a well-meaning aunt or uncle pipes up and asks, Do you know this feeling? When sitting with family at a summer barbecue or around the dinner table with relatives, and a well-meaning aunt or uncle pipes up and asks, “So when are you settling down and finishing up this travel business?”

They may have a hard time understanding the appeal of packing your bags every few months in search of a new adventure. Maybe they don’t know the benefits of being a travel nurse. Next time they ask when you’re coming home for good, here’s a few quick responses you can offer: 


“I can make more money as a travel nurse.”

For some friends and family, if you’re not making more money as a travel nurse, doing it for the adventure just doesn’t make sense. Yet, nurses on the road have the opportunity to earn – and save! – a lot more than the average staff nurse. Many agencies provide stipends for housing (inside IRS guidelines), which can eat up to thirty percent of a worker’s monthly budget. So, travel nurses can take that money and put it toward paying down student debt or credit card bills or for bulking up their savings. In addition, nurses can travel to areas of the country with a lower cost of living, which can aid their efforts to save. And who can say no to more savings?

“It’s the most affordable way to travel the country.”

Any family member or friend who has a case of wanderlust or who needs a vacation can sympathize with you on this. You can tell them that you get more time and opportunity to explore your favorite cities and locations – all while getting a steady paycheck. Anyone who has been bitten by the travel bug knows it’s difficutl to put down roots when you want to go exploring.

“I can take time off between assignments to visit family.”

Kids and grandkids hate the idea of family being far away – sometimes across the country! Distance can be tough. But, one of the benefits of being a travel nurse is the ability to take time off in between assignments to spend time with family either in a new city or back in their hometown! You can offer to show them some of your favorite destinations or see if they’ll embark on a new adventure together. Don’t forget to tell them that there are so many messaging apps – like WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime – that you’ll have the chance to see and talk with them daily.

It can be hard for family and friends to see you leave. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. A wanderlust spirit should be nurtured – and what better way to do that than by helping others? Next time they bring up their concerns, try these tips!

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