8 podcasts to start your day

Podcasts are a great way to start your day. You can learn something new or get in a better head space with topics ranging from guided meditation to conspiracy theories, true crime or even cooking. There’s something interesting for everyone.

Whether you want to gain some insight into travel nursing secrets or are looking for a daily dose of inspiration before your next shift, here are the top eight podcasts to help start your day.

1. Girlboss Radio

Want some inspiration from like-minded and inspirational women from a variety of different careers and backgrounds? Each week Girlboss Radio sits down with trailblazing women to hear about their unique path to success. Learn about different careers and personal and professional anecdotes all delivered in a humorous and helpful way that any working professional can benefit from.

2. Daily Boost

Need a quick boost of confidence with your morning coffee? That’s exactly what Daily Boost promises to deliver with their podcasts that are mostly less than 15 minutes long. Get inspired with topics ranging from time management to breaking through obstacles that are sure to amp you up before your next shift.

3. The Happy Traveler

For some extra insight into travel nursing, check out The Happy Traveler. Tackling topics from self-care  to specialty staffing, you’ll learn about new trends and hot topics in healthcare all geared toward travel nurses.

4. Meditation Oasis

Looking to relax before a long shift or after a busy day? The Meditation Oasis podcast offers everything from guided meditations, insight from instructors and calming music for your mindfulness needs. With multiple episodes to choose from, you can switch up your meditation routine while still focusing on centering your mind, body and soul.

woman jogging listening to podcast

5. Travel Nurse Talk

Travel Nurse Talk understands the ups and downs of a career in travel nursing. With tips and advice for recent graduates and nursing experts, you’ll probably learn something new from each episode that ultimately highlights how fulfilling being a travel nurse is.

6. Pop Culture Happy Hour

With a busy schedule it can be difficult to keep up with the pop-culture scene, but Pop Culture Happy Hour is here to help. With an easygoing and fun tone, you’ll hear about the latest movies, TV shows, books and music from each podcast. Get some ideas for your next movie night and come into work prepared to talk with your coworkers about the latest trends in pop culture.

7. Nursing Uncensored

For a humorous take on life as a nurse, turn to Nursing Uncensored. Seamlessly blending serious conversations about the career path with humorous insight from the hosts, you can learn about topics that are top-of-mind for nurses and nursing students.

8. Happy Place

Fearne Cotton hosts the Happy Place podcast to share advice from experts on how to find joy everyday. If you’re feeling rundown or frazzled with the busy pace of travel nursing, this podcast can help you work through your emotions and take steps being happy and confident every day.

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