6 Most in Demand Travel Nurse Specialties

Travel nursing, a growing niche within the nursing profession, enables nurses to work temporary assignments in healthcare facilities across the country. This unique career path is perfect for those who have a sense of adventure, a desire to explore different regions, and a strong commitment to their nursing profession. While demand for travel nurses can fluctuate based on several factors, certain specialties have historically offered more job opportunities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the specific specialties that tend to have the most travel jobs available and discuss the role of staffing agencies in connecting nurses with opportunities across all specialties.

Emergency Room (ER)

The Emergency Room is often at the forefront of healthcare facilities, and the demand for ER travel nurses remains consistently high. ER nurses must be quick on their feet, able to handle high-stress situations, and possess strong critical thinking skills. Their expertise is sought after in various locations, especially during peak tourist seasons or in areas prone to natural disasters.


operating room

Operating Room (OR)

Operating Room travel nurses play a crucial role in surgical procedures. Their skills are in demand across the nation, as hospitals and surgical centers require qualified OR nurses to ensure the safety and success of surgeries. Travel nurses in this specialty often find assignments in major cities with a high volume of medical facilities.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU travel nurses work with critically ill patients, providing specialized care and monitoring. The demand for ICU travel nurses typically remains high, especially in urban areas and regions with high population densities. These professionals are essential to the healthcare system, and their expertise is sought after year-round.

Medical Surgical (Med Surg)

Med Surg travel nurses offer comprehensive care to patients with a variety of medical conditions. Travel assignments in this specialty are prevalent, as medical-surgical units exist in nearly every healthcare facility. This broad range of opportunities allows nurses to explore diverse regions and gain invaluable experience.


Telemetry nurses specialize in monitoring patients’ vital signs and cardiac functions. Due to the prevalence of heart-related issues, the demand for telemetry travel nurses remains steady. Hospitals across the country often require their expertise, making telemetry a reliable choice for those seeking travel assignments.

Labor & Delivery

The miracle of childbirth is universal, and Labor & Delivery nurses are in demand nationwide. The demand for L&D travel nurses spikes during peak birthing seasons or in regions with a high birth rate. This specialty offers a unique opportunity to witness the joy of new life while exploring new locations.

The Role of Travel Nursing Staffing Agencies

Travel nursing staffing agencies are instrumental in connecting nurses with travel job opportunities. These agencies have strong relationships with hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country, which enables them to offer open RN travel jobs across various specialties.

Here’s how staffing agencies play a pivotal role:

  1. Access to a Wide Network: Staffing agencies maintain an extensive network of healthcare facilities. This network allows them to source a diverse range of travel nursing opportunities, ensuring that nurses can find assignments that align with their desired specialty.
  2. Streamlined Placement: Agencies are experts at matching nurses with the right assignments. They handle the logistics, including licensing, housing, and benefits, making the transition to a travel nurse seamless.
  3. Ongoing Support: Travel nurses often face unique challenges, given their temporary status in new locations. Staffing agencies provide essential support, including access to 24/7 help lines, ensuring that nurses feel secure and connected throughout their assignments.
  4. Flexibility and Freedom: Travel nursing staffing agencies empower nurses to explore their passions and interests. Whether you prefer coastal cities, rural towns, or even exotic destinations, agencies can help you find an assignment that aligns with your travel dreams.


Travel nursing is a dynamic and rewarding career choice, and certain specialties consistently offer more opportunities for adventure. Emergency Room, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, Medical Surgical, Telemetry, and Labor & Delivery are just a few of the specialties that frequently have travel job openings. The strong relationships between staffing agencies and healthcare facilities across the nation are pivotal in ensuring that travel nurses can pursue their passion while providing essential care to patients in various locations. If you’re a nurse with a love for exploration and a commitment to your profession, travel nursing might be the perfect avenue for you to combine your career with your wanderlust.

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