Best places for travel nursing that are great for the #TravelNurse RV life

With your RV, you're in for adventure and fun.


With your RV, you’re in for adventure and fun.

For some travel nurses, it’s all about the open road and the freedom to live life to the fullest. While not every member of the profession chooses to travel in an RV, those who do get several benefits. They get to sleep in a familiar bed every night, trade stories with other travelers, bring their possessions with them and maybe even save a little more money. And while you might not want to drive an RV through New York City, there are plenty of beautiful and exciting places where a motor home is the ideal living space.

Keep reading to learn about four amazing locations for travel nurses who enjoy the RV life:

1. Key West, Florida

Who says you can’t visit an island with your RV? According to the Travel Channel, Key West is home to oceanfront campsites just minutes from downtown. When you accept an assignment in this southernmost region of Florida you’ll have access to gorgeous beaches, beautiful hiking trails and tons of fun in the sun. There aren’t many better ways to relax after a 12-hour shift than digging your feet in the sand while sipping on an ice cold beverage.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is a popular winter destination for many people looking to get away from cold northern winters. Because of this, travel nurses often see an influx of assignments in warm, dry destinations such as Phoenix. Nurses who travel by RV are in luck because Phoenix is home to several RV parks with easy access to the city. The drive into Phoenix offers spectacular desert views and there are many short scenic drives to take while on assignment.

Phoenix, Arizona is a great place to park your RV for the winter months.

3. Temecula, California

Temecula, another sunny desert town, is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s also home to Pechanga, the largest casino resort in California. Travel nurses can station their RVs in one of the many surrounding parks and commute virtually anywhere within the Temecula region. On days off, it’s also quite easy to visit either of those metropolitan areas, if you’re craving the city life. Plus, Temecula is about an hour drive away from Disneyland.

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Another great place to drive your RV is Oklahoma City, which is home to vibrant nightlife as well as a number of interesting museums, parks and cultural sites. According to U.S. News & World Report, Oklahoma City’s Bricktown is a 20th-century warehouse district that has been transformed into a center for shopping, dining and drinking. You may also enjoy the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, which features thousands of artifacts and works of art.

No matter where you end up, when you have your RV, you’re always home. Whether traveling through the deserts of the southwest or along U.S. Route 1 toward an island destination, you’re in for adventure and fun.

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