3 Housing Options for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to combine their love for nursing with a passion for exploration. One of the key aspects that make travel nursing so enticing is the ability to choose from different housing options tailored to individual needs. These choices are significantly influenced by the details of the travel nurse’s contract, the application of tax-free stipends, and, of course, the nurse’s personal preferences. In this blog, we will delve into how some travel nurse agencies provide their nurses with at least three distinct housing options, each offering a different degree of freedom and support.

1.Utilizing Tax-Free Stipends for Independent Housing

For the adventurous and independent-minded travel nurses, the option to use tax-free stipends to secure their own housing is a popular choice. This option allows travel nurses to take full control of their living situation and find accommodations that suit their specific needs. The tax-free stipends are designed to cover housing expenses, among other things, making it financially feasible for nurses to rent an apartment, house, or even Airbnb.


  • Total autonomy over housing decisions.
  • The ability to choose locations and amenities that best suit individual preferences.
  • Potential for saving money if the nurse finds affordable housing options.



  • Requires time and effort to research and secure housing.
  • May entail added responsibility for lease agreements and utilities.



2. Agency-Arranged and Paid Private Housing

Many travel nurse agencies understand that not all healthcare professionals wish to handle the logistics of housing themselves. To provide a seamless experience, some agencies offer the option of arranging and paying for private housing on behalf of the nurse. This alternative takes the burden of finding accommodation off the nurse’s shoulders, ensuring a smooth transition to a new location.


  • Hassle-free housing arrangements.
  • Assistance from the agency in selecting safe, convenient, and comfortable housing.
  • Less financial responsibility on the part of the nurse.



  • Limited flexibility compared to securing housing independently.
  • Housing options may be more generic and standardized.


3. Using Tax-Free Stipends for Exclusive Perks with Travelers Haven

Travelers Haven is a popular service that specializes in short-term housing solutions for healthcare professionals, including travel nurses. Some travel nurse agencies partner with Travelers Haven to offer an exclusive perk: the ability to use tax-free stipends to access Travelers Haven’s curated selection of furnished apartments. This offers the best of both worlds – a degree of independence along with a streamlined housing solution.


  • Access to a wide network of fully furnished apartments across various cities.
  • Support and guidance from Travelers Haven’s experienced team.
  • Easy management of finances with tax-free stipends.



  • Housing may not be as personalized as securing independent housing.
  • Availability and pricing may vary by location.


The housing options available to travel nurses are as diverse as the nurses themselves. Travel nurse agencies recognize the importance of tailoring these options to suit individual needs, providing a spectrum of choices. Whether nurses prefer to take charge of their housing, have it arranged for them, or leverage exclusive perks like those offered by Travelers Haven, flexibility and freedom are key components of a successful travel nursing experience.

In the end, the choice between these housing options is determined by the specifics of the nurse’s contract, the application of tax-free stipends, and the nurse’s personal preferences. The world of travel nursing has evolved to ensure that every healthcare professional embarking on this exciting journey has the housing solution that best aligns with their unique circumstances.

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