Join Nurse Meetup Groups to Build Your Travel Community

One of the top challenges a travel nurse faces is being away from friends or family. With that in mind, we think it’s important for you to have a community behind you for support and comfort when needed, wherever you may be. While you can lean on your friends and family back home virtually, it’s not the same as having a local community of friends and supporters. That’s why we put together this list of tips for building your travel community.

Make real friends through private facebook groups

Maybe you’ve grown a bit tired of Facebook and some of the toxic behavior witnessed online every day; You’re not alone in this feeling. That’s why Facebook Groups have become so popular in recent years, they offer members the opportunities to make real connections in a private, safe environment. In fact, if you type “travel nurse” into the search bar, you’d be surprised at the number of niche groups designed for travelers like you. One great place to meet other travel nurses online is in our Travel Nurse Life Facebook group, created specifically for travel nurses to get and give advice or connect with and meet new friends. You could also join a local group like this one for Dallas-Fort Worth Nurses, or a broader group like one for Alabama Nurses. If you’re looking for new groups that don’t involve your career, look for local hobby groups! Hiking is a favorite activity among travelers, but you can also find local groups for hobbies like sewing or cooking new recipes, you can even find your neighborhood book club.

Online isn’t just for dating 

Meeting new people doesn’t have to be complicated, websites like are designed to foster friendships between group members. You’re able to connect with over 26,000 nurses in one of the 96 different nurse meetup groups. You can also meet your next best friend through “Bumble BFF,” Which caters specifically to those looking for friendships with people around your age range, in your area. If you’re not interested in starting a friendship online, you can find opportunities to meet new people by checking out Groupon deals for local events! As odd as that may sound, basically offers a calendar of events going on around your town that you can check out and potentially meet new friends at.

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Connect with other travelers through agency apps  

A few agencies (like ours) have begun developing their own apps, giving nurses the opportunity to meet and talk to other travelers. In just a few weeks, our own JNP Pulse will provide our travel nurses with a forum where they can post, connect, ask and answer questions, but most importantly, meet other travelers across the country. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to reach out to your recruiter! Your recruiter is a resource for you, and they have a wealth of knowledge and advice to give. Agencies also have an extensive list of nurses working for them at any given moment, so ask them to connect you with another one of their nurses or another nurse from the agency working nearby. Keep in mind, you can be proactive and connect with someone living or working in the city you want to move to next. Once you have your next contract signed, or you have it narrowed down to a few cities, you can start building your community before you even move on to the next location.

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