Get Cash Bonuses when you refer friends

Get $500 for Every Referral You Make or Sign-up for Referral Rewards

Refer travel nurses to Jackson and receive cash bonuses, every time! Keep track of your referral income through JNP Pulse, our new candidate portal and app. Choose from two referral programs:

Refer Your Friends Bonus

This program pays $500 to anyone that refers travel nurses to Jackson Nurse Professionals. You'll get paid every time your referrals complete their first contract with us!

Referral Rewards

As a “thank you” to our working nurses who refer friends and colleagues, Jackson pays you an extra one dollar per hour ($1.00) for every regular hour your referral works. Learn more about Referral Rewards here: Referral Rewards Guidelines.

Refer My Friends

Have questions? Hit us up and a Recruiter will reach out.