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NurseWallet + JNP

NurseWallet is a mobile app specifically built to empower nurses to stress less about their money. 

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With NurseWallet, nurses can: understand exactly how much they take home (after taxes and stipends, etc.), get a financial plan for what to do with that money, and put that money to work to reach their goals with financial products built for nurses including banking, investing, and student loan management. 


  • Nurses Station - Get a view of your money. Understand how much money you have to spend guilt free based on how much you make, your expenses, and how much you are putting away for your goals (including investing).
  • Calendar - Understand exactly how much you will take home based on the shifts you are working. Know when you should pick up or drop a shifts based on your financial situation. 
  • Passport - Manage your credentials in one place so you can find assignments that put you closer to your goals. Get notified before your credentials expire so you are never stuck with invalid credentials
  • NurseWallet banking- Get paid the same day while on assignment with JNP. Track your spending in real time by spending on the NurseWallet debit card.
  • Savings goals - Create goals for big purchases like a vacation or a car and track your progress as the money earned from your assignments put you closer to your goals.
  • Student loans - Manage, pay, and refinance your loans with a solution built just for nurses.


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