Jackson Nurse Professionals Announces Exclusive Partnership with NurseWallet

Jackson Nurse Professionals, a leading travel nurse staffing agency,  today announced its exclusive new partnership with NurseWallet, a financial mobile application designed specifically for today’s busy nurse professionals. With NurseWallet, Jackson Nurse Professionals’ travel nurses can proactively and easily manage their earnings to achieve both their short- and long-term financial goals.  

Leveraging the NurseWallet app – which is included as a complimentary resource for all of Jackson Nurse Professionals’ travel professionals – nurses benefit from a secure and simplified view into their take home pay, which can be paid out to them the same day they work a shift. The app also enables them to create financial plans for their earnings and take advantage of other robust banking and investment offerings, as well as manage financials around student loans.  

“Managing your money on a travel assignment can be complicated,” said Bill Morgan, president, Jackson Nurse Professionals. “We’re pleased to bring the NurseWallet app to our travel professionals to help simplify day-to-day finances while on-the-go serving in care facilities and settings across the country.”  

“We are delighted to be working with Jackson Nurse Professionals to equip its healthcare providers with the robust tools and offerings to ensure all of its nurses on assignment have access to the financial resources they need,” added Patrick McDonough, NurseWallet founder and CEO. “It has always been our mission to empower nurses to make more and stress less about their financials.” 



  • Nurses Station — Providing nurses with a view of their money and understanding of expenses, investments and savings, as well as discretionary dollars  
  • Calendar — Offering a view into how much nurses will take home based on shifts worked, and insight into when to add shifts based on their financial commitments and goals  
  • Passport Managing all of a nurse’s credentials in one place to quickly find assignments that put them closer to their goals – and providing notifications before credentials expire 
  • Banking — Providing same-day pay while on assignment with Jackson Nurse Professionals and real-time spend tracking through the NurseWallet debit card 
  • Savings Goals — Creating goals for big purchases, such as a vacation or new vehicle, and tracking progress as money is earned from travel assignments to put nurses closer to their goals 


Nursewallet app screenshots


Take charge of your finances. Available for free for iOS.



Learn more at  jacksonnursing.com/nursewallet and by following @jnpnursing and @nurse.wallet on Instagram. 


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