Derrick Mastin

National Recruiter

As a senior recruiter, I have a lot of experience in finding your ideal job across many different specialties and locations! I’m here to make sure you feel supported and appreciated while working. My goal is to make sure you feel as if JNP helped you get the job you deserve.


  • Boston has been my family’s favorite vacation so far.
  • Favorite foods are Mexican, Italian, and Dominican.
  • I love the beach, to play golf, and spend time with family.

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I can't be anymore happy that I switched from Aya!

— Racheal, RN , 2024

My experience with JNP has been nothing but positive. It is always easy to get a quick response from my recruiter on any issue I have had while working.

— Harper, RN, 2024

I have had an amazing experience working for JNP. I have been able to get contracts in my locations of interest. Each contract has been even better than expected. More importantly than the actual contract, it's so nice to work for a recruiter who has the best work ethic and is always there to help.

— Briley, RN, 2024