Melissa Dressler

National Recruiter

Melissa is a seasoned healthcare recruiter with a passion for guiding professionals toward their ideal career paths.  Over the course of numerous years in talent acquisition within the healthcare sector, Melissa has developed a keen ability to understand the nuances of this crucial and ever-evolving field.

Beyond the world of healthcare recruitment, Melissa finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.  She is devoted to her family and cherishes moments spent with her husband, daughter, and their pride and joy Maggie their English Bulldog!  Family time is a priority, creating a harmonious blend of professional success and personal fulfillment.

In leisure moments, Melissa embraces creative outlets such as crocheting, showcasing artistic flair and finding relaxation in the intricacies of the craft.  Additionally, Melissa has a soft spot for the comforting ambiance of Starbucks.  Whether sipping on a favorite coffee blend or finding inspiration in the atmosphere, Starbucks serves as a delightful retreat.

With a commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing and a personal touch that includes a love for family, crocheting, and Starbucks, Melissa brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to the world of recruitment.  Balancing professional expertise with personal passions.  Melissa exemplifies the dedication to both career and the meaningful aspects of life outside the office.

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I can't be anymore happy that I switched from Aya!

— Racheal, RN , 2023

My experience with JNP has been nothing but positive. It is always easy to get a quick response from my recruiter on any issue I have had while working.

— Harper, RN, 2023

I have had an amazing experience working for JNP. I have been able to get contracts in my locations of interest. Each contract has been even better than expected. More importantly than the actual contract, it's so nice to work for a recruiter who has the best work ethic and is always there to help.

— Briley, RN, 2023