Your Guide To Local Travel Nursing

Industry News - December 9, 2022
Living away from your friends and family to work as a travel nurse can be draining, both physically and emotionally. While it's important to be true to yourself and follow your love of travel, there...

Shifting Your Healthcare Staffing Strategies in the Wake of COVID-19

  As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic starts to wane, administrators face a constant mode of re calibration as they strike a delicate balance between delivering the same level of care to all...

Happy International Nurses Day

May is a significant month for nurses, in fact, it’s widely considered to be national nurses month. May 6 is the start of nursing week, when nurses are celebrated for their hard work, leading up to...

Travel & Stay for Free if You’re on the #Frontlines

Industry News - April 27, 2020
Many businesses are showing their appreciation for nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with some awesome giveaways and discounts. We hope you take advantage of these incredible offers.

Top 5 reasons travel nurses love their recruiters

Industry News , Tips for Travel Nurses - December 17, 2018
Every January we experience a flurry of activity from our Travel Nurses who enjoyed a long break over the holidays but are ready to get back to traveling. Starting January 2nd our recruiters’ phones...

What hospitals are doing to protect their staff

Industry News , Jackson News - April 18, 2018
The tragic shooting at UAB Highlands hospital in Alabama last month highlighted the importance of security in health care settings. At any time, nurses, technicians, doctors and other health care...

The top 5 travel nurse blogs you should be reading

Industry News - November 2, 2017
Updated: 3/16/21 The travel nurse life is exciting, rewarding and inspiring – you get to see new sights on the regular and indulge your feelings of wanderlust whenever you want. It’s a unique career...

Working as a home health RN

Industry News - October 24, 2017
Are you graduating soon or looking for a new specialization for your nursing career? If you enjoy a little autonomy and are looking for a high amount of job satisfaction, you might consider a career...

Black History Month: Three nurses who broke barriers and changed nursing forever

Industry News , Technology Advancement - February 21, 2017
  African American nurses who helped shaped modern nursing.

Here’s a valuable (and free) one hour webinar for you: “Needle Fear Friendly”

Industry News , Jackson News - November 3, 2016
Nurses, Phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals interested in becoming “Needle-Fear Friendly” can learn from the industry’s leading authority on needle pain in December. Pain Researcher and...