Dear Family, here’s why I’m a Travel Nurse

Tips for Travel Nurses - July 7, 2017
Do you know this feeling? When sitting with family at a summer barbecue or around the dinner table with relatives, and a well-meaning aunt or uncle pipes up and asks, “So when are you settling down...

Our advice on the best dogs for travel nursing

Tips for Travel Nurses - April 13, 2017
Whether it’s your first or 21st travel nurse assignment, just hitting the road is exhilarating. On longer treks across the U.S., squeezing in a quick road trip is the perfect opportuity to fully...

How to create a social circle as a travel nurse

Tips for Travel Nurses - March 8, 2017
  Moving to a different city on your own doesn’t mean you have to figure it out alone.

Black History Month: Three nurses who broke barriers and changed nursing forever

Industry News , Technology Advancement - February 21, 2017
  African American nurses who helped shaped modern nursing.