Jackson Nurse Professionals has a national presence.

When it comes to national staffing experience, JNP works with a strong client pool in every region of the U.S. We monitor the growing nursing trends and needs within each area to accurately solve those particular issues. Along with our national clientele coverage, our nurses also come from all over the U.S. allowing us to staff the smallest local facility to larger hospitals located across the country.

Jackson Nurse Professionals has diverse experience

 Jackson Nurse Professionals not only has the experience of working with facilities across the county, but we also have the experience of working with different facillity sizes ranging from the smallest local hospital to some of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S.  Our statistics will tell you JNP has the knowledge of working with every size facility in the U.S., allowing us to understand the functionalities of each type and create unique solutions.


39%-JNP facilities with fewer than 200 beds.

41%-JNP facilities with 201-499 beds.

20%-JNP facilities with more than 500 beds.  

We understand that the staffing needs of a facility with 25 beds is drastically unique from a facility with 520 beds. Nursing candidates need to possess different qualities for these facilities; one might need to be able to float to several different units, while the other might need several years experience in a particular specialty.

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